Cold Pressed Rose T-Shirt (White)

₹ 5,100.00

One-size, 100% cotton, White T-shirt with a water-based screen print on entire back.

Product front features an insignia stamped rose and a lyrics excerpt.

Product back features a crayon-illustrated HUEMN sketch, inspired by metal music and Slipknot.

Unisex, oversized comfort fit with elongated shoulder.



Chest- 48", Waist- 47", Hips- 48", Length- 29", Sleeve length- 11", Shoulder: 21.5"
5-7 days
Gentle machine wash, inside out. Do not bleach. Iron inside out. Fold and stack.

This T-shirt is part of the 'Cold pressed rose' series, that features excerpts from notebooks of our founders.

The artwork on the back of this T-shirt has been brought to life from older sketches of bands that inspired so-founder Misra's music, when he was a vocalist in a university rock back. Slipknot was a heavy influence; and this crayon sketch is pulled out of Misra's personal pages, hand-drawn by him. 

Note: HUEMN Signature one-sized fits are developed in two distinct shapes. This is Shape B-shorter with a slight curve. Do refer size chart for measurements.


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